After nearly a decade of being a business owner and single mom, Monica has had tons of important experiences and has worn many hats. Through it all, she has discovered that there are three crucial areas in your life that need to be in alignment that affect EVERYTHING else in your life.

Destination Freedom is all about exploring the connection between a more vibrant mindset, a healthier gut, and flourishing finances. When you focus on wellness in these areas of your life and manifest abundance in them, you are equipped to handle almost anything that life can throw at you.

In this podcast we will explore Universal Laws, Spirituality, Manifestation, and Mental Health – all important aspects of creating a tenacious mindset.

We also dive deep into physical wellness – and how it (especially your gut health) is connected to EVERYTHING that you do and can create an environment where you can truly flourish in all areas.

Lastly, we explore our relationship with money and your finances. No matter how much money you make, you will learn how abundance can be a part of your story (and looks different to everyone), and how to avoid the cycle of constantly being tied down to owing money. It’s time to get weird and be done with making financial stress the norm in our society.

It’s time to break free. The norm is to be overworked, unhealthy, stressed, full of fear, and in debt.

Destination Freedom will give you tools to truly live a life a life of Freedom!

We hope you enjoy the show.

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