I wasn’t going to share this, but I knew people needed to hear my message.

Today I am sharing a previously recorded Facebook live with you.

The other day a good friend of mine asked me…

How can people receive it if you’re not ready to deliver it?

Not everyone will understand a vision, but it was given to you to stand out.

Let’s get into MONEY!

Money is energy. Flowing back and forth and to and from.

What you think about you bring about right? Getting into this more on today’s episode.

You will never have a breakthrough in life without complaining.

Affirmations and gratitude are everything and the Universe loves to be specific.

The world needs your story so don’t hold back in sharing it.

You need to practice what you preach. Step out in faith and try something new…

It can really make a difference.

Unless you upgrade your thoughts, you cannot upgrade your life!

What are some of the upgrades you have made in your own life? Let’s continue this conversation over on Facebook and Instagram right here!

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