In this episode I am sharing a previously recorded Facebook live I did right after my last trip to Costa Rica.

Once back in the US I realized how thankful I was for such things like my washer and dryer.

And the little luxuries we take for granted…

Appreciating everything we have and not having to be everything for everybody is another thought that was consuming me.

Time is money and our most important asset. Think about all those little things taking up your time. Toxic relationships, online games, scrolling social media, anything hindering you from your goals. I’m getting into it all!

I’m talking goal setting, the importance of sleep and how we can become more productive.

Let’s start putting ourselves first! Mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s time!

You cannot pour from an empty cup! Am I right?

How and when are you the most productive? Let’s continue this conversation over on Facebook and Instagram you can find me right here!

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