It’s HERE! The Twelve Universal Laws Podcast Series continues today with: Law Number Four: The Law of Correspondence, Law Five: The Law of Cause and Effect, and Law Six: The Law of Compensation. 

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As within, so without. Our outter world is a sign of our inner one. Although we can’t control outside forces, we CAN control the inner work that creates how we HANDLE things. If you have an area of your life that you feel needs work: look no further than within.

Also, Remember Newton’s Third Law? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Or something like that. The Law of Cause and Effect dictates that everything we put out there has an effect. Not just on us, but the world.

Lastly, we cannot be compensated until we first are willing to compensation. Be the initiator of things like financial gain, peace, love, grace, and forgiveness… by FIRST giving it! Lay down your ego and see how your life changes when you start GIVING. I promise, the Universe will compensate you. (This goes the other way too… aka, this is also known as the Law of karma!) What you give is what you get, boo. 

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