Monthly Archives: November 2019


I’ve been hearing a lot of hubalub this Holiday season about it being “draining” being around family – but what happened to compassion? Some of my best memories with my Gigi were “draining”, but I did it anyway because guess what – lots of stuff in life is draining and inconvenient. (I don’t know about you, but those darn kids can be exhausting -lol). And guess what? Those are some of my GREATEST memories.
Sometimes, we just have to do it anyway. One, because sometimes that’s just flat out being part of an adult… and two – because what are we REALLY bargaining for when we don’t do the hard stuff?

My other theory is this: we have gotten so into the buzz words lately of “self-care” and “aligned” and “the right energy”, that we have almost created a sense of entitlement. We choose to bury our head in the sand, or just simply not show up so we don’t have to “deal” with people or things. But we come across uncomfortable situations every single day, and it’s what builds character- and often times create greatness.

There ARE toxic situations where we are totally allowed to set boundaries and distance ourselves. But this episode might help you determine: Is it really so horribly draining that it’s actually “toxic”, or do we need to choose compassion in this instance? Better yet, how can YOU be the light to some difficult or hurting family members this season?

Don’t miss out on precious people, places, and things this Holiday season if you don’t have to.

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