I believe you absolutely CAN have it all – Financial Freedom – with a life free of the 8-5 rat race, and the Flexibility to build your life around your Family and YOUR schedule.

I studied at the University of Central Oklahoma where I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. My absolute dream at the time was to move from Oklahoma City to the “big city” of Dallas, Texas to work in the corporate world at a swanky PR firm. I had it all envisioned: commuting to and from work, a high-rise apartment, nights out on the town with new business clients and friends….

But a month after I graduated college, I found out I was pregnant. Suddenly, this “business chic” life I had envisioned made absolutely NO sense to me anymore and had completely lost it’s appeal. I wanted to work for myself. To be my own boss. To be at home with my daughter, and to be THAT mom that could show up to all the PTA meetings, bring her kid to work with her when I needed to, yet still (as a single-ish mom) provide an amazing home and life for my daughter.

In 2011, I joined forces with my dad and we created our own company. Over the past 9 years, I have played an integral part in tripling our business year after year and building it into our own little empire that we are so proud to call our own. However, in the beginning – like a lot of entrepreneurial endeavors –  it was not an easy (or consistent) road. Like so many women and mama’s out there, I was looking to supplement my income.

It was that same year I joined a Network Marketing business with a company that had been around for YEARS and had the best quality of products and the business integrity I was looking for.

Over the years of growing both of these businesses however, and again, like SO many of you – something was tugging at my heart strings. Was THIS my true purpose? Was I living out my dream life and business? It bothered me  that that same scenario kept playing out in my head.

Years later, I would attend a workshop that was specifically designed to find your life’s calling, and to walk in your purpose. I didn’t know it at the time, but that workshop would change my life and bring me to where I am now. I found my purpose statement in that workshop, that has always resonated and stuck with me:

“To build up and encourage other women to find true confidence, and to live their dream life.” 

Now. At the time, I was very comfortable with what I was doing. I said “oh, how cute, that’s great!” and I put it on the back burner, and I moved on. Yet, I found myself constantly repeating that statement in my head, wondering if there was something more to it.

Two years ago, in a meager attempt to live out this statement (and you know, not to take TOO much risk) I opened an online women’s boutique with my best friend. It’s always something I thought would be fun, and something I enjoyed.

But I realized then, that even though I could provide cute, amazing clothes to my friends and other women, I wasn’t having a huge impact on them. Good clothes can make you feel good, but it’s a stretch to say that they are life changing! Which all brings me to today, officially launching in 2018…

I had been working on a concept for The Freedom Guild since July of 2017. But I was scared. Real scared.
Even though I have had nearly a decade of starting and building businesses from the ground up, this was different!

This would be all me. All in. No other business partner, no other umbrella company. I didn’t “need” the income, so this was pure vulnerability, and pure heart.  But I took a chance, knowing that I was finally NOT ignoring that purpose statement I had found years ago.

And so, The Freedom Guild was born – a very personal and passionate mission to help other women and mama’s find THEIR purpose statement. Their calling. To seek out that inner badass, find their confidence and voice, and to start and build a business of their own… to live out their dream life, and to yes – be able to have it all.

I truly pray that wherever you are at on your journey that you will join our community. Whether you are already an entrepreneur, an aspiring one – or you just love a community of strong, badass women – we would love to have you.

As for me, I am thankful that I am finally living my calling, and I am totally confident I can help you find yours.

Let’s get started, babe.